A Library for Detecting Known or Weak Secrets Across Many Web Frameworks

February 2023

A knowledge-base management tool aimed to improve the lives of information security professionals in all walks of life.

January 2023

ETM API provides enhanced abilities for interacting directly on the data collected by ETM including the ability to produce actionable metrics for…

October 2022

Introduction Several vulnerabilities with the popular ASP.NET web application add-on Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX have become a frequent source of…
Comparing the industry's top subdomain enumeration tools
Use the DeTT&CT framework to assess TTP coverage, perform gap analysis, and prioritize detection engineering efforts
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August 2022

Recursive OSINT Machine
Brocade: CVE-2021-27798: Fabric OS (Multiple Versions)

July 2022

AEM ACS Commons: CVE-2022-28820: Version 5.1.x

March 2022

A Toolkit Written in Python Aiming to Decouple the Relationship Between PowerShell and Offensive Azure tooling
And A New Analyst Job Opening As Well

February 2022

Brocade: CVE-2021-27796, CVE-2021-27797: Fabric OS (Multiple Versions)