Introduction Several vulnerabilities with the popular ASP.NET web application add-on Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX have become a frequent source of “easy-wins” for operators at BLS. Discovery and exploitation are usually straightforward, and they result in remote code execution on…
Comparing the industry's top subdomain enumeration tools
Use the DeTT&CT framework to assess TTP coverage, perform gap analysis, and prioritize detection engineering efforts
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Recursive OSINT Machine
Brocade: CVE-2021-27798: Fabric OS (Multiple Versions)
AEM ACS Commons: CVE-2022-28820: Version 5.1.x
A Toolkit Written in Python Aiming to Decouple the Relationship Between PowerShell and Offensive Azure tooling
And A New Analyst Job Opening As Well
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Black Lantern Security (BLSOPS)