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Whether you’re just getting started or an expert with years of experience, Black Lantern Security’s research publication platform provides cybersecurity insights, analysis, and “how-tos” for offensive and defensive operations at all skill levels. Our content addresses a wide array of topics, including CVEs, industry trends, attack analysis, and information pertaining to our very own products and free and open source tools.

About Black Lantern Security

We are a Cybersecurity Consulting firm located in Charleston, South Carolina. With backgrounds ranging from working as a Director of an NSA-certified Red Team for the Department of Defense to serving as an Air Force Officer in charge of the Base Network Control Center, our consultants have a combined 50+ years of cybersecurity experience. We are passionate about what we do, and even more passionate to share our research with the cybersecurity community.

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Our goal is to give back to the cybersecurity community by publishing research that empowers network defenders and protects organizations. Subscribers will receive access to the following publication topics:

  • Incident Response and Detection Engineering

  • Vulnerability Research and Emerging Threats

  • Offensive and Defensive Attack Analysis

  • Emerging Industry Trends and News

  • Information about our products, services, and free and open source (FOSS) tools

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Subscribers can expect monthly posts on all things cyber.

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Is there a certain topic you’d like us to research and write about? Drop us a line: info@blacklanternsecurity.com

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TheTechromancer is a hacker at Black Lantern Security. A few of his favorite things are books, tattoos, whiskers on kittens, and good synthwave. https://twitter.com/thetechr0mancer
Dr. Philip Hartlieb is a founding member and the Director of Research and Development for Black Lantern Security. Philip holds a PhD. in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University and a BA in Physics from SUNY Geneseo.
Chase Lindquist is a red team operator at Black Lantern Security and is an ardent enjoyer of all things nerd. He completed his Bachelors of Applied Science in IT with a Cybersecurity focus at the University of Cincinnati.
Micheal Reski is a founding member and Principle Security Consultant for Black Lantern Security LLC.
Paul Mueller is a senior penetration tester for Black Lantern Security specializing in web application and appsec, and a wannabe cryptography nerd.
Brian O'Hara is a senior security analyst at Black Lantern Security. His responsibilities range from defensive security architecture to digital forensics and incident response.
Adeem Mawani is a Blue Team Analyst at Black Lantern Security
Rachael Reski is a Program Manager at Black Lantern Security. Outside of maintaining organization and structure of all things (work, home, or play), you can find her hiking, reading, and practicing the art of cut flower gardening.